Price list:

Prices (each/for one thousand)

25.000 cloakroom tickets 5 series (with different colors)

from no. 1-5000

each 2,6ct 26€ for one thousand 650€

10.000 cloakroom tickets 5 series (with different colors)

from no. 1-2000

each 2,85ct 28,50€ for one thousand 285€

1.000 cloakroom tickets little series

from no. 1-1000

each 4,2ct 42€ for one thousand

Set-up fee for installing your graphical logo ( We can drop your set up fee
for orders of 50,000 or more.)



Differentiation of series e.g. with bag, helmet, umbrella, coat or personalized


free of charge



2€ for one thousand

Back side b/w with print (e.g. general business terms 0,5 ct per copy)


5€ for one thousand

*All prices plus 19% sales tax  

Pecification Data Sheet Download (PDF)

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  • In order to design your logo correctly, please note and download our Spec Data Sheet (PDF).



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