11reasons for PGM's custom cloakroom tickets11 good reasons to choose PGM’s custom cloakroom tickets!

  1. The ticket is bigger than a raffle ticket or business card and rarely gets lost.
  2. Your individual logo on the tickets makes it difficult for forgery or ambiguity !
  3. The four colour print simply looks better than common wardrobe tickets or raffle tickets.
  4. You can add details such as contact details or prices.
  5. Due to the contact info, if somebody forgets their clothing it makes it easier for them...and you...to find !
  6. It is harder to loose and easier to find, due to its 120 gram, sturdy construction.
  7. The size of the numbers is the biggest on the market and easily readable.
  8. You can differentiate between bags, coats or helmets. (optional)
  9. Thanks to the adhesive binding, one can pull off the ticket manually.
  10. The back side may be printed as well (general business terms, liability terms, etc.). (optional)
  11. The hole punch (easier to leave on hangers). (optional)


Questions about us or the coat check tickets we produce?

Feel free to contact us any time. Our friendly staff will gladly answer your requests. 

contact custom cloakroom tickets coat check ticketsContact:


+49 (0)89 28811516


+49 (0)89 28811550


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Variation details

Pecification Data Sheet Download (PDF)

  • For convenient ordering in just a few steps please use our PGM Webshop. You can also call us or order via fax.
  • In order to design your logo correctly, please note and download our Spec Data Sheet (PDF).

Price list:

Prices (each/for one thousand)

25.000 cloakroom tickets 5 series (with different colors)

from no. 1-5000

each 2,6ct 26€ for one thousand 650€

10.000 cloakroom tickets 5 series (with different colors)

from no. 1-2000

each 2,85ct 28,50€ for one thousand 285€

1.000 cloakroom tickets little series

from no. 1-1000

each 4,2ct 42€ for one thousand

Set-up fee for installing your graphical logo ( We can drop your set up fee
for orders of 50,000 or more.)



Differentiation of series e.g. with bag, helmet, umbrella, coat or personalized


free of charge



2€ for one thousand

Back side b/w with print (e.g. general business terms 0,5 ct per copy)


5€ for one thousand

*All prices plus 19% sales tax 

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